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Dr.Mehrdad Torkaman

Dr Mehrdad Torkamaiha ND/MD(from Iran) is a naturopath physician with a medical background as a Medical Doctor (MD) from Iran. He strongly believes in the Integrative Medicine approach and his long-term training and practice in both western medicine and natural medicine is the key to managing and addressing patient needs.

He tries to treat the whole body not only the symptoms and makes a healthy balanced plan for every patient depending on their health situation.

Dr. Torkaman uses a variety of diagnosis and treatment tools such as routine physical and lab exams, naturopathy tests, clinical nutrition, diet, herbs, hand treatments, acupuncture, supplement and medication, supportive and therapeutic Injection (inter muscular & inter venous) and body & mind exercises. A variety of injections (intramuscular, intra joint and intravenous) for boosting energy, reducing pain, detoxification, weight loss, anti-aging, and skin health are also provided.

dr. mehrdad torkaman, ND/MD, medical doctor

Elham Nazemi

Elli Nazemi has a background in cell biology and has previously worked as a research associate in Tehran, Iran. After moving to Canada, Ellie graduated from a medical aesthetic program from Stenberg College in 2007 where she started her career as a laser technician. In 2013, she also became a registered holistic nutritionist, providing patients with a better understanding of their skincare concerns as she believes skin problems can be addressed internally as well as externally. Elli worked at a variety of medical clinics in the greater Vancouver area and after 7 years in the field, opened Green Family Wellness Center with her husband. Elli is a hardworking mother of two who prides herself in her work and is described as a professional, yet kind and welcoming laser tech.

elham nazemi, cell biology, Stenberg College

She is TCM doctor & specializes in:

  • Pain management – Neck pain, back pain, sciatica, knee pain, shoulder pain, frozen shoulder, migraine headache

  • Irritable bowel syndrome

  • Facial rejuvenation

  • Chronic fatigue

  • Gynecological – female hormone balancing, menstrual cramps, irregular menstruation, infertility, menopause, hot flash, support IUI, IVF, morning sickness, cervix ripening

  • Stress management – depression, anxiety, panic attack

dr. hengameh keshvari, TCM doctor, pain managment

Dr.Hengameh Keshvari

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